How to Manage Electric Power Tools?

     Electricity, together with all devices supplied with it power, always allow people to save much time more manufacturing by hands. Except handicrafts or somethings request meticulosity, the majority of works are used with the help of electricity. Equipment, machine or tools using electricity as power are favored for usability and capacity
     However, electricity also can bring humanity various problems when operation if operator do not focus on working even with several seconds. Besides information of instructions for usage and maintenance portable tools

Safety tips for managing power tools

1. Operators should be at the age of the working age and they should work with the support of  safety working clothes  such as gloves.
2. No keeping the tool only on its electric wire… or use power cable to tight and pull other things. No dragging or laying electric cable on the floor if you do not apply any protection measures or there is water on the floor.
     Do not keep electric wire at hot and wet place or lay it at the oiled or greased working surfaces.


Some Notices for Safety of Portable Power Tools

     Duality is immutable in any social. Portable power tools give man better choices of versatile and fast way but in the other hand, the issue of safety still makes man worried and questionable. Everyone may get injured with few seconds of carelessness. Every one can learn what are instructions for use and maintenance portable power tools but details for keep work safety are still not clearly. Therefore, this article is made with the view of making people more understand and safer in use of portable power tools.

Safety Rules of Portable Power Tools

 1. What are hidden risks?

According to statistics, most people names risks of:
– Electric shock due to the wire opens or short.
 Voltage leakage.
– Drill bit, grinding wheel… breaks and shoot out to users.
– Dust, noise, vibration…
– Be touched and left hurt by grinding wheel, cutting knife…
– Be stuck with working material, electric wires, spare part or untidy tools…then fall.
– Electric sparks and ignition due to processing.
        safety-rules-of-portable-power-tools-1     Risk can appear if you are careless

2. Safe rules

After defining ricks and suitable working conditions of portable tools, we start to point out regulations for safe working:
– Only person who is fully equipped technical safety is allowed to use the machine.
– Each handheld device needs tracking with a book so that the owner can record the measured insulation resistance parameter periodically as well as maintenance and repair history.
– The user must check to ensure the quality of the machine; do not use the machine when it lacks of any parts, protective device…; or have doubts about the operational status of the machine or the machine have not checked even though it was in excess of checking cycle time.
– Must check the machine periodically at least every 6 months and make sure that insulation resistance is not less than 1.0m.
– Use the machine in an environment consistent with use features (whether it is allowed to run places with wetness, ignitable possibility or corrosive etc… or not.
– Pay attention to comply with the requirements stated in the instructions of use; keep the machine carefully, avoid shock, overloading, dust and prevent it from water, raindrops or other liquid go into.
–  If you work in electric dangerous areas ( upwards, tunnel, pit, metal bucket…), you need a custodian on electric guard. You must have personal protective actions suitably or at least, you should have an automatic electric circuit to protect you from voltage leakage.
– Your work can emit strong noise or vibration so that you are advised to prepare an isolated room or noise screen; you should get benefits of vibration-noise preventive technology in order to not make surrounding people uncomfortable.
– Each machine should be equipped a separate circuit breaker. Electric wire must be insulated with 2 cover layers and not had deformation.
              safety-rules-of-portable-power-tools-2     Do not work if the electric wire is deformation


Why Do Each Family Should Have a Portable Liquidizer

     In the kitchen of families in big cities, indispensable tools which are favorite for health care is the handset as juicer, orange squeezer, liquidizer …
     As recommended by nutrition experts, some nutrients in fruits such as Vitamin A, E, carotene, rich of fiber … does not exist in juice because they don’t dissolve in water. For this reason, you should process with a liquidizer ( or a blender) in order to absorb all nutrients in fruits. You have many choices, but the most favorite liquidizer is portable kind because of some below points:

1. Convenience

     Let bygone days with old liquidizers accompanied by big jars which are so cumbersome and hard to move. Furthermore, housewives do not grind a big mount of food at all times, for example: only a few of vegetables to cook gruel for children or few of fruits to make a cup of milkshake… At those times, no one feels comfortable because it takes them much of time to clean this old type of liquidizer.
     A portable liquidizer is movable and versatile
     Unlike traditional liquidizers, portable liquidizer is very compact. You just install the grinding cup with blade assembly, drop food into the cup, close it by the lid then wait for some seconds. This type of liquidizer not only makes milkshake very fast but also processes mayonnaise, sauces, soups, receipts for children… with extremely simple operation.

2. Easy to wash

     It is very simple: just dip the grinding head into water, switch on about two or three times, each time lasts about 3 seconds.Water moves and creates the force which will combine with grinding head to knock out the food left inside grinding assembly. After all, a duster is all you need to make your liquidizer dry.

3. Suitable for families with children

     As mentioned above, many of housewives fall in love with this portable tool. What are reasons for this? Wives often go the kitchen to cook gruel with a few of meat or vegetables to feed their children up and to start, they must grind raw food first. A normal liquidizer can grind everything but the quantity of ground food often has undergo some loss. However, you can not only puree vegetables, fruit, meat…or any raw foods without loss of food quantity, but also adjust the liquidizer to until the viscosity meet your request easily.
     When your family have a picnic or travel, the greatest option is a portable liquidizer, instead of a big one. Correspondingly, it is advised that you should buy the portable one when you are going to feed your baby with soup and gruel in order to save time and effort.
     This hand-held tool is evenly suitable for family with children


Instructions for Use and Maintenance Portable Power Tools

     Nowadays, manual operation is no longer preferred like in the past. Besides fixed machines, portable power tools have won the hearts of users much more than ever. It can’t be denied that portable tools are often manufactured in small size so people may bring them to everywhere in every time. Because of this good point, most of users decides to purchase their portable tools though capacity is seldom as high and good as other series of that equipment.
     Every coin has two side. Fixed equipment often last longer than portable series if the owners do not get knowledge of their tools. People must get the acknowledge of hand-held tool in every sides such as notices for safety or the way to manage in proper way… This article will provide all of you with information which are considered useful in usages and maintenance a portable power tool.
     Portable tools are often manufactured in small size

How to use a portable power tool in proper way?

1. Read instructions for use as carefully as possible – with all tools.
2. Do not using any tools if one of its parts (or all parts) are broken or loosen; if your tools consist of any knife or drill bit, check all squeegee, knife, drill bit and others before starting.
3. Keep the drill bit and knife clean and sharp; ignore all broken or nicked one.
4. Turn off if your tools make much of abnormal vibration or sounds; check again tools’ status carefully before continuing.
5. Don’t let your equipment run without supervision.
6. Follow the guide of manufacturer whenever replacing knife or drill bit or any other parts.Remember to turn off power before replacing or checking.
7. Let electric wire out of working areas, no using if the wire’s plastic cover is lumpy.
8. Drill bit or knife must be kept far from processed surface when you turn off your tool. Turn on and let it run at the highest speed before touch the processed surface.
9. You should set the equipment at the range of allowed speed which prevents tools from getting broken and overloading.
10. Clean all air holes to remove all dust then the motor is impossible to be hotter.
11. Do not running equipment for a long time. When your portable tools is warm, keep it at an idle for some minutes then turn off to cool your tool.
     People need to keep safety when using a portable electric equipment

II. Maintenance

     Portable electrical tools such as saw, perforator, benchtop drill press… need maintaining frequently. Mechanical and electrical parts get broken down easily if they are not maintained in suitable cycle time or work improperly. The following is some of useful  tips on how to keep your portable one in best condition:

1. Always keep it clean

     Dust and dirt can make yours get error if it is not checked in a period of time. Clean it with a duster after finishing, then preserve in dry place. In a cycle time, clean it with a moisture duster as well as clean exhaust, air holes and inside parts with cotton bud or supportive tools if necessary.
     You can have an air compressor or air gun blow air into air hole. This air jet will carry dust out from inside to outside.
     If your tool has filter, do not forget to clean and replace as the guide of manufacturer.